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Episode 3 – Being the Meaning Maker

Today we’re getting personal! Listen into this rich conversation in which Jackie coaches De in making deep discoveries about: Taking responsibility to be the meaning maker Being of an observer of ourselves and noticing our own “stuff.” Making conscious choices about how we will show up in our relationships. Looking…

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Episode 2 – Self-Compassion

In this episode we talk about the practice and the gift of Self Compassion. Through compelling personal stories, we reveal the importance of being in compassionate and affirming relationship with oneself. Through the process we share you'll learn to: Observe with compassion how you are relating to yourself. Speak with…

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Episode 1 – Begin with the End in Mind

In this episode we introduce the wisdom of how to begin everything. Just like any project you’ve ever started, you begin with the foresight to know where you want to end up. Listen in as we share stories and examples of why and how beginning with the end in mind…

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