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Episode 24, Words Create Worlds

I am…Whatever follows “I am” will inform our self-identity and shape the way we show up in our lives. In this episode, Jackie and De explore the dangers of ‘claiming’ and the power of ‘detaching.’ Listen Now. Please share, rate and review on Apple podcasts.  Subscribe to ReThinking Leadership…

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Episode 23, Scarcity and Abundance

You’ll be surprised to know that Scarcity and Abundance are mindsets! This episode will reveal the 3 myths of scarcity and 3 tips to move from Scarcity to Abundance. Listen Now. Please share, rate and review on Apple podcasts.  Subscribe to ReThinking Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts or Google…

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Episode 22, Energy Management vs Time Management

Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough time? Of course, we all have! In this episode we talk about energy management as a means to effective time management. We have a lot more control over our energy than we do over time!  Subscribe to ReThinking Leadership Podcast…

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Episode 21, Presence through Energy Alignment

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re heading in to a conversation and you need to be grounded but you’ve just come from a fast paced go-go-go mode? Episode 21 will give you three tips on how to manage your energy so you’re ready for what’s next. …

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Episode 20, Listening at Level 3

We’ve explored listening on the podcast before, and in this episode we look at expanding our listening to include the larger landscape existing around the conversation. Our intuition and hunches, sounds and activity around us that can be used as metaphor or ways to engage our curiosity – all are…

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Episode 19, Guilt as a Strategy

How often do You find yourself feeling guilty? Guilty because you feel bad about saying yes or because you feel bad about saying no. Guilty because you feel you’ve compromised your reputation of being the one who... (fill in the blank). Listen to Episode 19 on how guilt as a…

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Episode 18, Empowered to Change the World

In this episode, De and Jackie talk about world change and take the stance of "it is possible!" We each have a part to play. We each see the world from our unique perspective, we have unique passions and ideas, and we need every voice to be heard. What will happen…

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Episode 17: Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a methodology used to create positive change. When you are looking for ways to positively create impact, you will find AI to be a way of moving forward that is co-creative, generative and sustainable. In Episode 17, we share the five principles of AI and how…

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Episode 16: Creative, Resourceful and Whole

We tend to move in habitual patterns in our relationships and we treat each other based on the patterns we’ve learned. Listen now to Episode 16 for a fresh, foundational perspective that is an essential choice you can make immediately and upgrade the quality of all your relationships.  Subscribe…

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Episode 15, Listening Fully

Listening Fully is an essential skill, and quite frankly, an act of love. Listening fully is being present and attentive, ensuring the other person is heard and correctly understood; it is placing the relationship as a higher priority than any individual's needs or agenda. Listen now as De and Jackie…

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Episode 14, Curiosity

 Are you struggling with a person that feels hard to be with? Take a look at the story you tell yourself and break free from the patterns that keep the relationship in status quo. What are your assumptions about that other person? When was the last time you were…

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Episode 13 – Understanding Our Collusion

 In this episode, we explore our part in creating or contributing to the reality in which we find ourselves. Consider the 'self-fulfilling prophecy:' We see others in a certain way (i.e.: negative, smart, unhelpful...) and then treat them accordingly. They, then, respond</em .accordingly with behavior that aligns with the…

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