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You’ll be surprised to know that Scarcity and Abundance are mindsets! This episode will reveal the 3 myths of scarcity and 3 tips to move from Scarcity to Abundance. Listen Now. Please share, rate and review on Apple podcasts.

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Scarcity is a mindset focused on what’s missing. Many of us feel there’s not enough time, energy or sleep and so before our feet hit the floor we are already behind. Click To Tweet

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:
Lynne Twist – The Soul of Money

Download the Worksheet: Worksheet, Episode 23, Scarcity & Abundance

Scarcity is pervasive in our culture. We are trained to focus on what’s missing and we often tell ourselves the story of lack. Click To Tweet

It is our intention for podcast episodes along with shows notes and worksheets to bring new ways of thinking, being and doing that support and enhance your work~life and life’. We’d love to hear from you so please subscribe on Apple podcasts and then rate and review

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