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How do we foster a leadership team culture that embodies – lives and breathes – all those qualities we put in our team agreements or core values documents? Qualities like trust, integrity, open-minded, authentic, accountable, collaborative, humble. Those are really great words! Let’s see what’s possible when we work together to bring those words to life through our interactions with one another. When our very best qualities become “the way it is around here.” This is the exciting work our clients step into through our team coaching services.

Team Coaching
Coaching in a group setting is Powerful! Learning is multipled, awareness & sensitivity towards one another is greatly enhanced, and accountability happens! Our coaching with your team:

  • Provides the structure for team members to work on the business of being a team and the opportunity to go beyond current abilities.
  • Provides the forum for team members to openly discuss what’s working and what’s not working, with regard to their group dynamics as well as team results/achievements.
  • Fosters more positive and productive team relationships.
  • Engages teammates in skillful communication, which includes a LOT OF LISTENING.
  • Helps the team identify common group behaviors & patterns of interaction (the desirable and the undesirable).
  • Brings greater intention to team & interpersonal relationships.
  • Raises awareness to differences in perception and thinking, providing everyone the opportunity to think more openly.
  • Identifies individual needs & expectations. We’ll create “team agreements” for how team members want to partner with each other moving forward.
  • Fosters peer-to-peer accountability and openness with one another about individual challenges, setbacks, hopes, and needs.

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