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Coaching typically begins when one or more individuals notice behavioral areas where improvement is desired. A common approach is to set goals, make plans, attend training or workshops, perhaps even hire a coach to help implement new strategies. This often yields some positive results – for a short time.

Something Deeper

Learning how to look within and become familiar with the aspects of our inner world that are creating the conditions we experience in our outer world is the path to lasting change. Read that sentence again, slowly. There are a lot of words there! And it reveals a crucial truth.

Lasting change is about going deeper. Change becomes sustainable only if and when our goals, behavioral approaches, and new strategies rest upon the foundation of great self-awareness and even greater self-management around our “way of being.”

‘Way of Being’ provides incredibly rich, and often unexplored, territory that
my clients and I will sojourn through during our coaching work together!

Jump to Outline of Individual Coaching Engagement

The process behind our work together is summarized in the Pyramid of Personal Change:

My Coaching Methodology

Once we are aware of the individual’s desired improvements (typically as a result of our 360-degree feedback process) and have articulated goals for our coaching term, we begin the work of moving down the Pyramid of Personal Change. Here’s an example:

Identified “problem” (or more accurately, Identified opportunity): leader is not handling conflicts on his/her team effectively.

Pyramid level 4, Change Behavior. We want to see the leader:

  • Actively encouraging positive interpersonal dynamics within his/her department.
  • Address employee concerns, misunderstandings, tensions, etc. directly, openly, and timely.

Pyramid level 3, Reflect, Learn, Strategize. We ask questions to learn:

  • How the leader typically handles conflicts (specifically what he/she does, says, doesn’t do, etc.)
  • What results these methods have led to and what more we want to see now.
  • Where/When the leader experiences discomfort or avoidance in conflict situations.
  • and so on…

Pyramid level 2, Explore My Relationships. We look beneath behavior and explore:

  • Around whom and in what circumstances does the leader feel most open and engaged? Around whom and in what circumstances does the leader feel least open and most disengaged or dissonant?
  • What are the things the leader tells him/herself in these instances (about self, others, the circumstances) and what feelings do these thoughts generate?
  • How then does the leader react? And what response is he/she inviting in others through that reaction?
  • and so on…

Pyramid level 1, Attend to My Way of Being. We look at the patterns perpetuated by what’s been discovered and, using the concepts learned in Leadership and Self-Deception, we tread into what is typically uncharted territory:

    • Self-Justifying Images: how do beliefs about oneself and one’s identity influence our way of being; that is, how we are in our leadership (and in our relationships in general)?
    • Collusion: that is, the process of inviting the very behaviors in others that we complain about. What collusions are we presently engaged in? How do these impact our leadership?
    • Consider new ways of seeing oneself and new ways of being (characteristics, approaches, attributes) that are unfamiliar yet desirable. Design experiments to practice these new ways in one’s leadership.
    • and so on…

Individual Coaching Engagement
While every engagement is custom designed to the participant, individual coaching follows this basic framework:

  • Initial session to get to know one another and ensure fit.
  • Discovery Data, which includes:
    • Coachee Self-Discovery Worksheet
    • 360-degree feedback gathered via interviews between coach and a sample from executive’s peers and direct reports (approx. 6 individuals interviewed)
  • Using Discovery Data results, coachee & coach outline desired outcomes from coaching engagement.
  • One-on-one, confidential telephonic coaching sessions, 2 per month, 45-minutes per session for a period of at least 6-12 months..
  • Two 3-way sessions that include coach, coachee, and coachee’s immediate boss. 1st session early in the engagement to review learning goals and outcomes; 2nd session after approx. 5 months to review progress, goals, and modify as necessary.
  • Unlimited email support between coaching calls.

Coaching 1 or 2 individuals on a leadership team is good. And our work becomes exponentially more effective when the team environment that those leaders function within everyday is fluid, trusting, genuine, and a place where growing and learning together is encouraged – expected even. Learn more about our Team Coaching Services here.


Coaching prices vary depending on length of engagement and assessments utilized.  Please complete the form below or contact us:
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