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Leadership Profits!

Exceptional leadership can double profits, according to research from Georgetown Univ economics dept. Exceptional leaders eliminate barriers, provide meaningful feedback, inspire confidence, share information, and welcome new ideas. You can read more about the research here.

The leader behaviors listed above, as well as many others – such as: delivering unpleasant news, assuaging anger, listening to employee needs and requests, gaining employee input into important decisions, creating alignment and commitment to a goal or course of action – are consistent with the emotional & social intelligence (ESI) competencies. You can find a comprehensive listing of ESI behaviors here – The Emotional Competence Framework. Take a look through and ask yourself:

  1. What item(s) here feel most important to me or most relevant to me at this time?
  2. What two or three behaviors here do I want or need to develop?
  3. What is one thing I can do differently, do more of, do less of, today, towards that development?

Want to look more closely at your own emotional intelligence and how you might increase your leadership effectiveness (and profits!)? Consider a coaching relationship with me! Learn more here, or give me a call or an email.
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De Yarrison

De is a certified professional Coach, Teambuilder and Facilitator of positive change. She is an adventurer in the world of relationships, blazing new trails of positive expression, resulting in happier leaders, employees, workplaces (and families).
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