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Human Resources challenges in the small-mid size company

I have a partnership with an HR Consulting firm called Converge, Inc.  I’ve been working with Converge founder, Mark Izzo, for the past several months to create a series of educational offerings for small and mid-size business owners, including webinars, live events, and audiocasts. Our latest development together is a 3-part series of  audiocasts on current HR legislation, the new role/skills required of HR professionals, and where HR outsourcing becomes beneficial, even critical.

In this series, I am interviewing Mark around the trends he’s witnessing, primary concerns of small business owners today, and the impact of new legislation. You can listen to the first in this 3-part series here: Interview Mark Izzo, part 1. (Parts 2 and 3 to follow soon).

One of the things I appreciate most about Mark, is his down-to-earth delivery of the facts and information that HR professionals need to have. His passion for his work and for the business owners he serves comes through loud and clear in our audiocasts. You can learn more about Mark and his team at their website and by following them on Facebook.

Converge is a boutique HR Consulting and Outsourcing firm in Wayne, PA. Converge helps small and mid size businesses to navigate the human resources waters: recruitment and staffing, performance improvement, employee benefits, leadership development and training, retirement plans, compensation and employee labor relations. Keep up with the latest news impacting HR by signing up for Converge’s newsletter here.
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De Yarrison

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