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Community Building with Journey Woman, Dafna Michaelson

Last month, I was honored with the opportunity to be interviewed by Dafna Michaelson, Journey Woman. Dafna is on a yearlong journey to meet and talk with community problem solvers in each of America’s 50 states. I was selected as a community problem-solver in the state of Pennsylvania where I live and work. I will share more about the current community project I am involved with in a later post.  But first, a little bit about Dafna and her journey, called 50-in-52 Journey.

1 single mom | 50 states | 52 weeks

A journey to find the people moving America forward

Dafna’s tagline above declares her purpose.

I asked her how this all began for her. She said it started as one of those “what would you do if you won the lottery” conversations. Her lottery-winning plans would include traveling around the country to meet with each state governor and find out what is being done to create a better, more connected America. Well, she didn’t win the lottery, but the idea would not leave her alone. And rather than meeting with state governors, the idea appealed to Dafna’s to take a more grassroots approach and seek out the individuals who are doing the actual work of moving America forward. So each week for a year, Dafna is visiting a different state (thus the name 50-in-52 Journey). She is finding people who are identifying opportunities or needs and taking initiative to create a more desired future for their community. Her website has videos, blog posts, twitter links, and more where you can meet the people Dafna’s visited thus far and hear their stories.

You can watch the video of my interview with Dafna at (and let me warn you ahead of time that I am Italian and find it nearly impossible to talk without use of my hands):

Dafna really inspired me with her vision of what she’ll do when this journey comes to an end. She has seen firsthand the possibilities and potentials for our country, as well as the heartaches of current reality for many people. Dafna, being a community problem-solver herself, has a vision for connecting people from different locations around the country through a program she plans to start which will include: bringing people with similar needs together to create a “community of practice”, facilitating dialogue within the community-of-practice to identify steps forward for bringing the desired changes to life, and helping the community-of-practice create a business case for their plans, acquire funding, etc. I hope to have the opportunity to be involved in helping Dafna plan and facilitate these community-of-practice conversations.

A question to leave you with: Think about where you have noticed a need in your neighborhood, school system, municipality, or community. What is your community calling for now and what might your role be in creating that calling?
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