Thrival Kits

Thrival Kits, compass
Leading an organization towards a compelling shared vision is a great adventure. Those who  embark on a long and complex journey must first assess the packing list to make sure that they have the tools that will take them to the desired end.

Some  leaders might call this a survival kit. However, for the best leaders, survival isn’t enough.

Essential Shift adventures step beyond and plan for thrival!

Every Thrival Kit contains the essential tools, learning, and processes necessary for a memorable journey and successful finish. Here are some of the things we pack:

A Guide to the Human Brain. brainTo understand the essential secrets in creating desired change that is deep and lasting, we must understand the basics of our human brains. At the start of every adventure, we send our client this article by Dr. David Rock a leading expert in the field of Neuro-Leadership.

Lens, Kaleidoscope. telescopeOur journey must include time exploring the territory from different view-points and perspectives; our own as well as others. Words and viewpoints can set up roadblocks that make progress cease. Or, they can set the stage for deeper conversations and better decision making.

Question Mark. questionsEvery exploration relies on the power of curiosity and of wonder. We believe that an organization’s capacity for creating profound and desired change is directly linked to the questions they ask. And their capacity to LISTEN, HEAR, and DEEPEN the conversation that unfolds.


Word Collage. brainWe use a word collage to point to the importance of the words we choose to speak to one another. Our words move people. We want to make sure that your words move people in the direction you intend.


A Guide to the Human Heart. heartWe dare to say that exceptional leadership – leadership that inspires commitment, full engagement, and produces desired organizational results – is impossible without attention to the workings of the human heart.


Elephant Taming. brain The elephant stands for all the things that no one on the team is talking about in an open forum. An elephant is an ‘undiscussable’. However, your Thrival requires that you (gently) hunt for and acknowledge all elephants in your midst.