Teams in Crisis

“50% of time wasted in business is due to lack of trust.” – John O. Whitney, Director, Deming Center for Quality Management

Teams in Crisis cloudy skySometimes teams get lost in a forest of distrust. It feels dark and our vision is fogged. It becomes impossible to see anything other than what’s right in front of you, which is more of the same…

To erase distrust, the leader needs to gain a higher perspective; to go above the problem to see it more clearly. Further, he/she needs to bring his team members up to see the higher perspective; the whole. To build trust requires a shared, co-created vision, a leader who LISTENS, and for every member of the organization to be seen, heard, and contributing.

Teams in Crisis often exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Unwilling or unable to engage in heated dialogues and debate in order to really understand one another’s viewpoints
  • Unwilling to ask for help, admit when they’ve made a mistake, provide constructive feedback to one another
  • Make assumptions or conclusions about the intentions of others without attempting to clarify them
  • Hesitate or are fearful of bringing up controversial topics, even when those topics are critical to team success and therefore have many elephants taking up space in the room
  • Waste time and energy with posturing, politics, protecting ego
  • Revisit the same discussions and decisions again and again
  • Miss deadlines and key deliverables
  • Place undue burden on the team leader
  • Seemingly agree on a course of action at the meeting table, but do not follow through on what’s expected

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