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Essential Leadership Group Coaching Program

Our Essential Leadership coaching groups are powerful instigators of lasting behavior change. Why is that? Well, we are not afraid to guide our coachees to venture off the beaten path, into less familiar (and perhaps, less comfortable) areas of leadership development. Let’s face it, all the low-hanging fruit has been picked by this point. It’s time to dig deeper…

Positively transform your communication, your relationships, and your results!

Being real – just being ourselves – seems like it should be the easiest thing in the world to do. It requires no special training or equipment, right? In reality, being real or authentic turns out to be quite challenging! Leaders have been conditioned to put on masks of intellect and bravado, to “hold our cards close to the chest,” to emphasize achievement and “doing” over relationships and “being.”

Essential Leadership is about flipping those old notions on their heads; removing our masks, choosing transparency over camouflage, and doing what is right over what is fast or easy. Essential Leadership is full of seemingly dichotomous positions:

  • Vulnerability — Boldness
  • Humility — Strength
  • Paying attention to people — Achieving impressive results
  • Getting things done — Taking time for personal reflection
  • Slowing down, spending more time listening — Increased speed
  • Allowing for disagreements, emotions, and individual needs — Exceptional collaboration

As we bring these qualities to life in our leadership, it doesn’t take long to realize that they are truly not dichotomies; that theirs is more of a co-creative, reinforcing relationship. One quality fosters the other, which fosters more of the other, which fosters more of the other …
reinforcing loops

Within an Essential Leadership group, participants will touch the very core of leadership, which is all about the leader him or herself. Essential Leadership is not about a strategy, a 5-step process, a 3-part model, or the latest leadership title at amazon. It is about a human being positively influencing other human beings.

Whether you are a front-line supervisor, a college intern, the person who delivers the mail, or the owner of the company, you are, first and foremost, a human being. And if our leaders are ever to accomplish their goals, they need to master the art of ‘being’ (in addition to being skilled in the ‘doing’).

Essential Leadership Groups spend the first half of our sessions together looking internally. The second half of our sessions together look externally, practicing and applying your new skills and new awareness.

Sessions one through five Sessions six through ten

To do any of the above requires the courage to do things a bit differently. A willingness to have honest conversations, to encourage others to be their authentic selves, to make learning and personal growth as high a priority as achieving results.

We need to have honest conversations about what it takes to bring our best, most authentic selves to work, and how to effectively encourage our colleagues to do the same. These conversations may sound risky and vulnerable, but risk and vulnerability are essential to courageous leadership. Real change and innovation are within our reach if we’re willing to talk about the emotions, thoughts and behaviors that get in the way. – Brene Brown

A few details:

  • Required reading: Leadership and Self Deception by the Arbinger Group. We will mail you a copy of the book, along with your welcome letter, immediately upon registration.

    Book Testimonial

  • Groups facilitated by De Yarrison, CPCC.
  • Essential Leadership Group Coaching Program is:
    • Two 1-on-1 telephonic coaching sessions; one at the beginning of the program and one at the conclusion.
    • Ten virtual group sessions*, twice per month for five months. Groups meet via a video-based program, similar to Skype. Groups will be limited to no more than five participants to ensure maximum personalization.
    • Book: Leadership and Self-Deception
  • Program Price = $2,500
  • Our next group begins on March 23, 2017. Please call or email for meeting schedule and more details!

* IMPORTANT NOTE: The very first group session will take place in person, for an extended timeframe (typically 11am-2:30pm). This way we can all get to know each other and build some camaraderie. Location is Valley Forge National Conference Center in Phoenixville, PA.


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