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Emotional Intelligence

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Teams in Crisis

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Companies that thrive beyond reason have…
executives who work together as one cohesive team…
who see the whole system, with its many interconnected parts
and who lead with clear direction and alignment, towards a compelling shared vision.

Blog Post: The WHATs and HOWs of Leadership
January 15, 2016 by De Yarrison

Leadership is an art

With regard to leadership development, I’ve become fond of telling my clients that all the low-hanging fruit has been picked by now. The world is full of 3-step processes, leadership style assessments, how-to books, and nothing else new under the sun. And the search continues for that leadership “magic bullet.”

I believe there are two undeniable aspects to becoming a truly great leader. And neither is easy, quick, or discovered by looking to external resources (i.e.: there is no magic bullet). Which is precisely what makes truly great leadership so elusive. It’s 100% dependent on you. And on me.

"If we really want to understand what leadership looks like, we need to look in the mirror." – Richard Dillard